TigerII WAP Tools 1.0.1

TigerII WAP Tools updated. Download new version.


 TigerII Tools 1.1.2

supports now PNG graphic format. That was the main but not the only one change, XML and C++ syntax highlighter for MiniPad. New fatures in Image Cutter.


 TigerII WAP Tools 1.0

New toolbox is available. This time for WAP website developers.


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22 May 2002

TigerII WAP Tools 1.0

TigerII Tools is a WML toolbox. Includes WML editor and WBMP images editor. WBMPformat is the only one image format supported by all WAP based software and hardware.

TigerII WML Editor

Tiger II WML Editor is a tool designed for WML documents editing. On this kind ofdocuments are the basement of data presentation over all hardware and software thatsupports WAP protocol.
Using this TigerII WML Tools makes easy preparing WAP based website. Included tools oforganizing documents into projects allows quick navigation between them as well aslinking them into website

  • WML syntax highlighting,
  • multilevel UNDO,
  • code in sight for WML,
  • projects managment,
  • WML tags editor,
  • WML tags inserting tools,
  • and other,

Tiger II WBMP Editor is a tool for drawing WBMP images. This format is the only onethat is supported by WAP compliant browsers

  • supports images up to 150x150 pixels ,
  • images JPEG, GIF, BMP, ICO can be imported into edit window,
  • zooming,
  • real dimmension preview,
  • and other,

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