TigerII WAP Tools 1.0.1

TigerII WAP Tools updated. Download new version.


 TigerII Tools 1.1.2

supports now PNG graphic format. That was the main but not the only one change, XML and C++ syntax highlighter for MiniPad. New fatures in Image Cutter.


 TigerII WAP Tools 1.0

New toolbox is available. This time for WAP website developers.


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04 March 2002

Tiger II MINIPad 1.0.1

New version can be downloaded from DOWNLOAD section. Changes:

  • Corected wordwraping when the font was changed,
  • Corected problems with scrolling with mouse-scroller when step set to 0,
  • Sone changes in edit window,
  • Filename is shown in the task bar,
  • Undo of first operation cleared edit window.

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